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Current Projects   Previous Publications
In December 2011 I was awarded a Fellowship in the Built Environment by the Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851. The Fellowship, which lasts for two years, enables me to carry out a programme of work including the following research reports:
1. Fortess Britain
This report, published by the new economics foundation, focuses on the growing impact of high security, and in particular ‘Secured by Design’ policies, on the waywe live. It includes new research, carried out in collaboration with the Peabody Trust and photography by Henrietta Williams. Fortress Britain is outon January 8th 2013 and is available here.
2. 'Scaring the living daylights out of people': The local lobby and the failure of democracy
This project investigates the influence of lobbying and PR on planning and local democracy, by examining decisions made by local authorities. The report will be published by lobbying transparency organisation 'SpinWatch' in February 2013.
3. Common Good(s): Redefining the public interest and the common good
This report will focus on the role of the public interest and public good in planning and in public life more widely, questioning whether this concept still has relevance and 0utlining how the public interest can be revived through a focus on the importance of common goods. The project is supported by the Chisenhale Gallery, Studio Voltaire and the Showroom through 'How To Work Together' an Arts Council funded initiative which will be launched in April 2013. The report will be published on the How To Work Together website in April 2013.
4. Alternative economic models
This tranche of research looks at the possible impact of a lower growth economy on the built environment and maps what a future city might look like, drawing on examples from around the world. This work will feed into work on a new book planned for 2013.